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Future of New Hanover Development:

New Hanover County is overhauling how it deals with planning, zoning, and development. (Port City Daily photo / New Hanover County)

Future of New Hanover Development: Flooding and industrial zoning concerns, questions, and public input

New Hanover County is creating a new Unified Development Ordinance that will change how industrial, commercial, and residential growth happens. But how will the process of drafting a new UDO handle concerns of industrial projects, flooding and stormwater, and public involvement?


NEW HANOVER COUNTY — The county continues its work on a unified development ordinance (UDO), an attempt to simplify and improve how development is planned as well as a way to encourage particular types of growth.

The process is also a chance for concerned residents and groups to have some input on what new development looks like, where it will go, and how it will be regulated.

The UDO will create new zoning districts – similar to some that have already been introduced in Wilmington – which, the county hopes, will give landowners more creative options for development.

Port City Daily met with New Hanover County Planning and Land Use Director Wayne Clark to discuss some reader concerns. These including the county’s approach to flooding, industrial development, and public involvement, as well as how the UDO itself is progressing.


READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE : http://bit.ly/2EhB5lA @Port City Daily News 

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