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Langbeen Builders, Inc

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Langbeen Builders, Inc. was founded by Scott Langbeen, a third generation
  builder who learned the trade from his father and grandfather.  Scott started as a
trim and framing carpenter, moved to North Carolina in 1986, then became
licensed in 1996 as a residential builder. 
Scott is a meticulous Master Carpenter who utilizes a hands-on approach to
ensure exceptional craftsmanship.  He is directly involved in the building of each
home to guarantee quality control.  Scott is on site each day working and
supervising every stage of the home’s construction.
Scott’s goal is to provide custom-finished homes at a starter-home cost.  He
includes many details and features at a fraction of the cost of custom homes.  In
today’s market, Scott is reaching this goal by producing a quality product at an
affordable cost.
Scott resides in Wilmington, NC with his wife and two sons.  He hopes to pass
his craft along to his sons, as his father did to him, so that they can continue the
Langbeen family tradition as fourth generation builders.  Other proud
achievements in Scott’s life are volunteering, as he spent 6 years overseas in 8
different countries volunteering for non-profit organizations.