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Justin May moved from the beaches of Long Island to the beaches of Oak Island/Southport at age 9. He was raised in an entrepreneurial family who have owned and operated multiple businesses in Brunswick County for over 30 years. This led to his attending UNCW to attain a degree in Business from the Cameron School of Business. His wife Sarah has a Masters in Education from UNCW and is a 2nd grade teacher at Southport Elementary. They have two children Madison, age 8, who is a softball all-star and Grady, age 6, who is ready to get his license and start selling Real Estate. After 25 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry with the last 10 years as the General Manager of the local favorite Provision Company Restaurant his long time passion as a real estate investor led him to a career change in late 2017.  With his background and local connections as a business owner/operator the Commercial side of Real Estate has been a natural progression. In his first full year as an agent with Hank Troscianiec & Associates he closed just over 30 properties and is well on his way to a long successful career as an agent here in Brunswick County.